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Reed Krakoff Academy Bionic Crossbody Bag

Now that Reed Krakoff is free of his consuming Coach duties, I am confident his line will continue on as a strong contender in the snob world. He already has all the A-listers on his side, and he will likely gain a few more with this deliciously laid-back addition. I’m loving this new style, even though it’s not quite as versatile as I would like it to be. The straps are actually too short to go crossbody (try and it will end up hovering above your waist). A frustrating missing touch, but the Academy Bionic still makes for a great shoulder bag. With clean cutouts, it capitalizes on a sporty vibe and they keep it lightweight in appearance – and literally lightweight on the shoulder. The straps furthers the casual feel, but thanks to a touch of functional hardware bling and Reed’s refined perspective, there is enough polish overall to pack on the appeal.ReedKrakoff_Bionic_Bags

Did you hear the news? Reed Krakoff is in a binding agreement to buy his eponymous brand from Coach, where he resided until just recently as president and creative director for 16 years. I am completely for this! Reed has succeeded in luxury, while Coach has not. Given the choice, trust I would spend my thousand bucks on Reed, not on Coach (even if I could get more bags for my money). I have a feeling most purveyors of luxury fashion will agree with me.
Needless to say, I have a few Reed Krakoff bags but not a single Coach in my bag collection. I know it has been pretty much the same stuff, since Reed designed both and both brands are made at Coach factories. But the designs are very different. Luxury isn’t just about the goods. It’s also about perception, and Coach is and will forever be “entry-level” in my eyes, even if they hired Jean Paul Gaultier to design. Coach ought to stick to what they are: affordable “designer” bags.
Krakoff’s new Bionic collection goes to show he is making the right decision stepping away from Coach and focusing on his namesake vision. His modern-day classics – the Atlantique and the Boxer – are revived with screens of perforated leather. Lush suede on supple calfskin lends to dimension to black on black, and the restrained color palette (or lack thereof, rather) makes the message clear: Reed means business.

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J'Adore Dior! The Dior Handbags and Perfumes

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One more Dior post! We've had a film, a stunning coffee table tome, and a resort review, but I couldn't leave Dior Week without talking about handbags and perfumes! There are so many stunning Dior handbags out there, I just had to share a few of them with you. You probably know some of them, the Diorama, the Lady Dior, and now the Diorever, each with their own variations to lust after. Just guard your credit card as your peruse these wonders!

Jennifer Lawrence with a Diorama bag

Jennifer Lawrence has been working with Dior for awhile now, and we've seen her all over the red carpet in bewitching Dior creations. She has also been appearing in the Dior bag ad campaigns, as seen above. Her latest ads are for the Diorama, a contemporary handbag with an architectural structure, available in calfskin, lambskin, print fabrics, and metallics. The line has even been extended to more exotic textures, such as alligator and marquetry flowers. This is a gorgeous luxury bag to covet! It's bold and strong, expecially in the red raspberry color above.

Jennifer with a Diorever bag

The Diorever is the latest Dior creation. Classic but with a cutting edge flair. The tote has a reversible flap and a crest-shaped clasp for a strong bag that would be a fantastic addition to any closet. The handles are short but the right length for holding in your hand or over your arm. The black version is perfect, yet that bronzed orange above is mind-blowing. It comes in three sizes and precious yet innovative materials, from leather to crackled metallic to exotic textures. 

Marion Cotillard shows off a Lady Dior in Paris

While these are gorgeous, it's the Lady Dior that's the quintessential Dior bag to own!  It also comes in many variations and twists, but my favorite is the basic quilted black with this new embroidered guitar strap handle. So versatile, you could dress this up with a black dress or a red coat, or wear it with jeans and a moto jacket. It will be all I can do to restrain myself from buying one the next time I'm in Paris!

And to make the bag post even more complete, I found some background on how the Diorever bags are made:

This new yet timeless bag is handcrafted deep in the heart of Tuscany in a special atelier. In development for over nine months, it takes at least a day to make each bag. From the structured curves to a reversible flap and contrasting materials, it's a careful process. It begins with the selection of the skin, which has to be flawless, as each piece of the bag has to be cut with a blade according to a cardboard template.

The final product

The craftsman must hammer the skin with an iron punch for the clasp and then with a circular punch for the six visible magnets that grace the sides and front. The bag is then placed on a form scaled to correspond with the three sizes and takes into account the type of material, as each leather or skin behaves differently. The skin is then shaped and sculpted by hand for a couture-like touch. The process continues as three internal pickets are added, as well as the handles, all glued then sewn by machine. The remaining metal pieces are added and then six saddle stitches are sewn by hand. A Dior piece of art has been created! Now we understand the high price tag! Read morehere.

If the prices of the bags are daunting but you still want a piece of Dior, their perfumes are the perfect way to have some Dior in your life!

Miss Dior is created for the young woman in love! Its playful and floral, sweet and captivating. It begins with fresh and fruity notes and blossoms into floral step, before you discover the patchouli essence and a trace of musk. It also comes in a new incarnation, Blooming Bouquet, which has a burst of peony and white musk. Perfect for a day in Paris, from a stroll in the Tuileries to a walk on Avenue Montaigne.

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Christian Louboutin celebrates the Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton

I don’t know about you, but I feel dizzy each time I see a shopping bag that costs almost $3,000. Sure, I understand that Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin are two of the most emblematic names in the fashion world, but creating a simple shopping bag, putting your name on it and asking for a fortune for it is something totally crazy from my point of view.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin 1

Unquestionably, I am a huge fan of designer handbags. I love everything about these luxury purses and for me the beauty of a Louis Vuitton bag can’t be outmatched, but I am very sensitive when it comes to throwing money out the window like this. LV purses are elegant, sophisticated, functional and made from the most exquisite materials, but something about a $3,000 just doesn’t feel right. This year, under the slogan “Celebrating Monogram”, the very famous brand has launched a few very interesting models. One of these is the Christian Louboutin purse that features the signature red accents, feminine bows, metal studs and the iconic Monogram.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin red

If you know a thing or two about the mythical Parisienne bags then this LV purse by Christian Louboutin is the most beautiful and modern reminiscence of this timeless style, reinterpreted in such a chic and glamorous way. Shopping, errands or picking your kids up from school, this purse is the perfect accessory that will outrageously and stylishly complement your best city outfits. Christian Dior has designed this tote shopping bag to go with the iconic Monogram canvas and a bright back panel of red calf hair. Of course, this is one of the most practical and versatile purses that you could ever wear due to its interior pockets and compartments that were created for super-chic organization. Plus, the studded outer pockets and the leather ribbons are very sophisticated.

The Louis Vuitton Shopping Bag by Christian Loubutin is a novelty in the fashion world, but as we know replica watches manufacturer…it will soon be available online in a cloned version. When the fakes are out on the market, here is what you need to know about its quality and technical particularities. These tips will help you buy an authentic looking LV by Christian Dior replica shopping bag. The fake bag should measure 30 x 31 x 12 cm and one side must be made out of the well-known Monogram canvas while the other side from a soft red calf-hair material. This is the most surprising part of the bag- the fact that one side is in Monogram with a studded outside pocket while the other is in an eye-catching red fabric. The handles should have an arched shape with the stitching at the inside.

Louis Vuitton shopping bag by christian louboutin inside

Also, the inside of the LV Shopping Bag by Christian Louboutin replica bag should have a beige leather interior with a middle inner zipped pocket made from Monogram and red calfskin, a large inner flat pocket from red calf skin and a double smartphone pocket from red calfskin.At the outside there is no hardware except the studded pocket and the 4 bottom brass studs. So be carefull when you are shopping with it. Don’t leave it hanging around with your important belongings at the inside. Also, another lady-like detail of this purse are the knotted leather ribbons that are placed on the sides of the bag.

Simply follow the below guideline for ordering a Louis Vuitton shopping bag by Christian Louboutinreplica and you will surely get your very own exquisite luxury purse at a very decent price.

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