Previewing Chanel Luggage Shoulder Bag

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The newest fashionable signature bag once they are up for grabs in Chanel boutiques. What we are loving and looking forward to seeing in the fashion world is this ultra chic and sassy luggage shoulder bag that adds that extra oomph to your overall ensemble. This super adorable shoulder bag channels a lovely and feminine luggage style that only Chanel’s innovativeness can incorporate. Transforming, evolving and catering to the ever changing needs of a modern strong-willed woman, Chanel knows what it’s like to own the world with a single fashion item at the tip of your fingers.

Look effortlessly luxurious by owning this girly yet womanly bag that comes in two shades: monobloc pink, and white and black. This luggage shoulder bag also incorporates chained golden straps that Chanel is known for. There are no further info about this gem but we’ll keep you updated once the details are out! For now, fantasize of owning this bag before everyone else does.

Previewing Chanel Luggage Shoulder Bag


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They said love is sweeter the second time around and we couldn’t agree more as Chanel’s Diamond CC WOC made its way back to Chanel boutiques on its repeat. Yes, this bag has been previously released and if you remember, it belongs to Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2014 Pre-Collection.

Now that we admitted that we’re in love with this bag, allow us to count the reasons why. First things first, we are over the moon for its bright yellow color. Yes, any bag that has a bright, bold and colorful hue makes its way to our favorites.

The diamond quilt also made our hearts skip a beat. Yes, it’s that gorgeous. The pattern is just so luxuriously made. However, it’s the embossed CC in the center that makes it all the more eye-catching and beautiful.

The price is still not yet known but rumor has it that it might be around €1600 euro before tax.


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Want to own a signature urban wallet that screams street smart? Well well, look no further as we are going to introduce these Chanel beauties. These Bicolor Timeless CC Zipped Wallets are just exactly what you are looking for.

Bold, bright and equally fashionable, you can choose among the three available colors of Chanel’s Bicolor CC Zipped Wallets. The creamy white colored wallet paired off with the black CC logo is sophisticated, perfect for women who knows class and elegance. The black colored wallet on the other hand is an absolute perfection with a white CC logo in the middle that looks ridiculously posh and luxurious.

For those who are looking for a different kind of Chanel wallet, then go for the one that sports scarlet red. It is the the one that stood out from the rest since it is so eye-catching that it will be a shame to miss it. This type of color reminds us of a devilish woman who gets what she wants in life, including a Chanel bicolor wallet.


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This is a new flap bag from the Spring Summer 2016 Collection Act 1. But when it was first-shown on Chanel’s website, we weren’t very excited because it only showed one front closure color which was black. So it was burgundy leather with black closure and white leather and black closure.

But now that we know there are different of colors available, we instantly changed our mind. In fact, we love the pink leather with pink closure in silver hardware as well as this baby blue flap bag with baby blue closure and in silver hardware.

Of course, seeing is better than reading. You can check more colors at Chanel Quilted CC plate Flap Bag.

With this posts we want to share a bag that our friend Amaira bought recently. She shared detailed images of the front, side and even the interior. The baby blue color is really intriguing and to-die-for, so for those that are still considering which flap bag to purchase, perhaps you can check this one out.

The Chanel flap bag is refined in silver hardware with ‘CHANEL’ signature as well as the ‘CC’ logo engraved on the front. The front closure is a new design, which fits perfectly to today’s modern fashion.

Just like the most Chanel flap bags, the interior is well structured and made to fulfill your needs. It has two large compartments to store your everyday essentials. This bag is ideal to use as a casual bag or for work. You can also find a zip pocket inside for your tinniest items.

For those that are interested, it’s available in two sizes: the large size has the style code A93223 and is measured 7.1’x 11.4′ x 3.9′ inches, priced at $3800 USD, €3420 euro, £2490 GBP.

The small size has the style code A93221 and is measured 5.3′ x 8.3′ x 2.4′ inches, 





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Pre-Fall Womens Chanel: Bags

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chanel_pf14-womens-bags1From the same collection as the Boy Chanel Large Shopping Tote I featured earlier, here are more bags from the Pre-Fall 2014 Womens Chanel collection worth checking out. And because they really do not need much introduction, here’s their vital information.

From left to right, Boy Chanel in grained calfskin (31 cm by 12 cm) that comes in at SGD6370. Flap Bag in exotic python skin that comes with an additional strap (27 cm by 15.5), price on request. Another Boy Chanel, larger and in herringbone stitching (28 cm by 16.5 cm), priced at SGD7090. The little darling in bright yellow? That’s another interpretation of the Flap Bag in fabric jersey (19 cm by 11 cm) that’s priced atSGD4230. Last but not least, the Classic Flap Bag covered in tweed (26 cm by 16 cm) and will set you back by SGD4890.

Gorgeous, no?

chanel_pr14-womens-bags2And for those not into leather, how about this luscious shearling, tweed and velvet combo that’s both easy on the eyes and on the pocket (well, slightly, anyway). From top to bottom we’ve got the Flap Bag in shearling embellished with pearls (25 cm by 17 cm), the Classic Flap Bag in tweed (26 cm by 16 cm, SGD4890) and the Boy Chanel in velvet (25.5 cm by 14.5 cm) that’s priced at SGD5140. Slurp.

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Chanel Boy Chanel In Camel Tweed

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chanel_pf14-boy-chanel-camel-tweedBecause it would be a crime not to share this beauty with you even though it’s not launched in Singapore yet, you can now a) start drooling, b) start picturing it slung over your body and deciding if this is the one and perhaps most importantly, c) start saving, especially with what Chanel bags cost these days.

From the early Pre-Fall 2014 collection that should be launched once the sale season wraps up, may I present the Boy Chanel in camel tweed and made even more fabulous with the gold leather trim and what looks to be burnished gold-tone hardware. In a word, lush.


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