50 Shades of Prada by Kerry Washington

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I don’t know about you, but I am one of the biggest fans of the notorious TV series Scandal. It is not the drama, thrill or mystery I am anxious to discover with each new episode, but what Prada or other famous designer bag Olivia Pope is going to wear. Just in case you are not a fan of this television series, I will enlighten you. Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope and she is like the ultimate fashion guru. For me, every new episode is one of the “50 Shades of Prada” that Kerry Washington unveils for us.

prada main

Due to her perfect fashion sense, these days, Kerry Washington is a real style icon for all carrier women that enjoy beautiful clothing and luxury accessory. She shows us how to look feminine and professional in all aspects and moments of our lives. Of course, she has a fortune to spend on designer clothes and bags while we don’t. But the important thing here is to learn from here, what and how to wear. Now, getting back to her “50 shades of Prada”, who watched Scandal, knows that she has a thing for Prada purses. She has a ton of these very expensive purses and she clutches them around like they’re her “white hat”- fans will know what I mean by this. Take the Prada away and Olivia is Nada.

In the TV series, Kerry Washington carries very elegant tote or satchel bags, simple, but not boring. Her Prada purses are mostly Twin Pocket Tote or Saffiano Lux Tote. She definitely likes large handbags, hung on the crook of her arm.


The first time Olivia Pope wears a Prada bag in “Scandal” is in the second episode in Season 3. The bag from the below picture costs about $2,500, but of course there are numerous affordable Prada replica bags that you can find online for just a couple hundred dollars. Also, this purse is the same one that was worn by Meryl Streep in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. The bag was sent by the Prada company from their archives in Italy. It was a bold move that started Kerry’s passion for Prada bag and brought the brand back in our attention.

prada 1

In the episode “Countless”, Olivia is wearing a Prada Saffiano Classic Tote priced at $2,330. Just imagine, she picked out this very model from a room full of 20 purses and this model was an instant hit with her fans as well. The funny thing is that the Purse wasn’t among the ones that her stylist prepared for the show. It was the very same handbag that the stylist was wearing at that moment. Yes, girls she just took the bag away from her.

prada 2

The third one is another $2,330 Prada Saffiano Classic Tote, but in a different color…because you just can’t have too many Pradas. This purse was showcased in the episode called “Pick one”. Pretty suggestive, isn’t it?

prada 3

And in the episode “Say Hello to My little Friend”, Kerry Washington introduces us her little new friend: a third Prada Saffiano Classic Tote in white at $2,400.

prada 4

This $1,290 Prada bag was the guest star of most of Season 1 and Season 2. This black leather purse was a sensation and it represents the basis of our delightful “50 shades of Prada” by Kerry Washington.

prada 5

Also, in Season 1 Olivia grabbed our attention with this purple Prada bag at $1,550. She literally forgot about her neutral colors wardrobe and shocked us with a colorful luxury accessory.

prada 6

In season 2, episodes 14 and 20 we meet another Prada bag priced at $1,800- spacious and fashionable. Just the perfect bag for Miss Olivia Pope!

Prada 7

So there you go ladies, these are the “50 Shades of Prada” by Kerry Washington. As I have said before, I’m not rich so I definitely cannot afford a Prada purse, not to mention all of these. This is why I have my own ways of indulging my lust for designer bags. I opt for Prada replica bags. Of course, the fake purses I buy are carefully chosen and almost in all cases turn out to be exceptional handbags that look gorgeous and feel very authentic.

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Some weeks ago, we’ve featured a diamond in the form of the Chanel Boy Galuchat Bag. We know you loved the sparkle, that’s why we’re bringing it back to you! The Galuchat Bag is made with stingray leather (on center) and bordered with luxurious lambskin to achieve such a marvelous exterior. We know you want this!

READ: Boy Galuchat Wallet on Chain Bag

The piece features the most coveted signature ‘Boy’ clasp, and we know that edgy is an understatement. The contrast of metal and leather on this piece is unbelievable. Also, we know for a fact that Chanel isn’t just about the aesthetics, because this piece is highly functional! It can store all of your day-to-night essentials with ease.

Since this piece is a also a WOC, you can wear it both ways: as a handheld clutch, or on your shoulders. We’re wondering how Chanel does it, too.

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6 Fabulous Michael Michael Kors Must-Have Essentials Summer 2015

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Introducing Michael Michael Kors must-have essentials. Devoted to enrich ladies spring/summer 2015 closet, the American fashion brand exclusively offers the fabulous Summer Whites collection. The 6 iconic elements are embroidered tunic, designer satchel bag, eye-catching aviator sunglasses, thong sandals, luxury watch and statement pouch defined by various mood combinations of luxe retro, urban, bohemian and minimalist allure with the presence of total fresh, relaxed chic attitude.

Michael Michael Kors Must-Have Essentials Summer Whites Collection 2015 for Women

Discover here on Fashionbashon the must-have compelling pieces of the newest arrivals Michael Kors with the price list and feature detail to brighten up women’s look, from head to toe while at vacation or any other occasions of the season.

Michael Michael Kors Embroidered Cotton Tunic Summer Whites 2015

#1 Michael Michael Kors Must-Have Essentials: Embroidered Cotton Tunic

For women, add a luxe bohemian mood to your summer beach vacation with the statement Embroidered Cotton Tunic ($175.00). Crafted from lightweight white linen fabric, this fabulous must-have piece is enriched with charming embroidery work detail in royal blue with split v-neck collar, three-quarter length sleeves and finished with relaxed fit yet flowing silhouette to emphasize a charming Mediterranean and boho chic attitude at the same time while accompanied by any other beachwear and accessories from your spring/summer 2015 wardrobe.

  • Discover also the newest Fendi Karlito Capsule Collection Lookbook Spring/Summer 2015featuring Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls on the campaign

Michael Michael Kors Harper Medium Leather Satchel Summer Whites 2015

#2 Michael Michael Kors Must-Have Essentials: Harper Medium Leather Satchel

The Summer Whites collection also suggests chic vintage gardening-inspired bag, Harper satchel ($358.00) featuring classy yet practical design structured in white leather with glamour touch of gold finished tones signature hardware, functional side pockets, refined double top handle, detachable cross-body strap to carry elegantly by hands or shoulder and spacious interior to bring more essentials while travelling or daytime shopping time. As alternative, the designer handbag is also available in black and dark khaki.

Michael Michael Kors Aviator Sunglasses Summer Whites 2015

#3 Michael Michael Kors Must-Have Essentials: Chelsea Sunglasses

What women cannot miss on their summer accessories closet is the sunnies and the Chelsea ($139.00) is among the classic-cool aviators to complete a statement everyday look especially at beach or any other occasions during this vacation season. The Chelsea Sunglasses are featuring lightweight thin metal frame and 100% UV protection lenses, a flawless element available in various trendy color versions; orange, gold, light purple, rose gold and green.

  • Don’t miss also the alluring eyewear with captivating details of Michael Kors Miranda Sunglasses Collection Spring 2015

Michael Michael Kors Holly Leather Flat Sandal Summer Whites 2015

#4 Michael Michael Kors Holly Leather Flip Flop Sandal

One of the most charming elements of the Michael’s must have essentials collection this summer 2015 is also the Holly Flip-Flop ($120.00). Featuring sporty chic yet alluring vibe to wear in any occasions, these stunning flat sandals are crafted in white nappa leather finished with glamorous touch of metallic gold hardware, while the knot detail at front add a luxurious accent to accompany any fabulous outfits.

  • Here to see the Enchanting Women’s Flat & High-Heeled Shoes proposed on the newest lines of Alexander Wang Espadrilles Spring/Summer 2015

Michael Michael Kors Audrina Clear Acetate Watch Summer Whites 2015

#5 Michael Michael Kors Audrina Clear Acetate Watch

Featuring clear, transparent acetate strap with gold finished tone metal bezel and dial, the Audrinawatch ($275.00) is unmistakably among a big must items defined by luxurious and glamorous materials combination for a total striking look dedicated to every refined woman with a distinguished chic classic taste.

  • To accomplish your seasonal essentials, here is the playful & fun unisex watch in fluorescent colors for spring summer 2015 of the Marc By Marc Jacobs Raver Chrono Bracelet 40mm

Michael Michael Kors Bedford Large Leather Zip Clutch Summer Whites 2015

#6 Michael Michael Kors Bedford Large Leather Zip Clutch

The Bedford Clutch ($88.00) is among the basic essentials not only for its functionality but also for its timeless elegance to accomplish women’s everyday style. Crafted from luxe Venus leather, this accessory is featuring practical wristlet strap with glam accents of gold-tone zipper and signature logo. Available in some classic and pop of colors, Bedford is a thought-provoking clutch to accompany you at any occasions.

 Those are among the charming items for women we presented here on Fashionbashon with the price list and detail proposed on the latest arrivals Michael Michael Kors Summer Whites collection 2015. Dedicated to complete ladies closet of the season, browse and shop all the must-have essentials above at official store of the luxury American fashion brand.

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Replica Handbag Review: Gucci Indy

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It has been on my mind for a while to write a review about the Replica Gucci Indy but you know how it is, there is always something that comes first and I forgot about it. Today its time came and I am going to share with you my opinion about this beautiful bag.

gucci indy

The first thing I noticed about the Gucci Indy is the leather. Good quality leather makes the difference between bad and good replicas. The best leather is found in Italy, but the replica manufacturers don’t buy it from there cause it is too expensive and replicas have to keep a low price otherwise they won’t have customers anymore. So the manufacturers have to find good quality leather that doesn’t cost a fortune. Most of them get what they find, but some of them, the ones that care about how their bags look and feel like search for good quality leather and sometimes they really find it. The Gucci Indy replica bag I am reviewing today looks and feels like the original bag. It has the same color, it is smooth and you actually cannot tell the difference between this one and the original Gucci Indy.

Very important for a bag is the hardware. It is very easy to spot a Gucci Indy replica purse because most of them don’t have the same hardware like the genuine ones. I was amazed about how much this bag resembles to the original one. The hardware is so nicely polished that you can swear it is genuine.

My Gucci Indy fake bag is an 18.5 inches one but you can also find it smaller, the mini-Indy. It is pretty diverse; it comes in black leather, suede, green crocodile, python or even fur. The tassels have little bamboo bead details that give the bag a unique appearance. For more authenticity this bag has the serial numbers embossed on a leather flap inside the purse. Some of the replicas Gucci Indy have this serial number stamped on the leather and this is not good, everybody will be able to tell your bag is a fake, but this one has it embossed exactly like the original one. The stitching is good too. There are no spaces between it and it is even.

I can assure you that if you’ll buy this Gucci Indy replica bag you’ll turn a lot of heads around. This replica Gucci Indy is very easy to wear, it comfortable and suitable to any occasion. There is enough space in it carry all your necessary daily stuff and it beautiful enough to wear it every day.

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Ladies, wait ‘til you hear this! There’s another contender we should all watch out for from the Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Collection Act 2, and it’s a beautiful piece to have! The New Boy Chanel Black Flap Bag is such a breath of fresh air for us here, and we can’t stop thinking about this wonderful piece! Seriously, you gotta see it to believe it.

This new Boy Chanel is a lot more streamlined and graphic than most designs, and we love how textured its exterior is. It’s too fancy for words, and it’s practically made for flaunting. Although we like what we’re seeing right now, we still don’t know how much it’s worth (or deets about its size and composition), but we’re hoping to know more about it anytime soon. Are you excited just as we are? We hope so!

Watch out for more updates about this piece (and other bags) soon, and let us know what you think about this design!

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Balenciaga Croc Embossed Bags for Fall 2015

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Balenciaga introduces their own version of Croc Embossed pattern for theri Fall/Winter 2015 Collection. The brand’s iconic Classic City and Pouch Bags are made available in this pattern in a smooth and glossy lambskin leather. The City Bag’s edges are made of smooth leather which comes in black. It was also seen in the Cable Shopper Bag which is made of dyed calf hair.

Style & Price



Balenciaga Croc Embossed Patent Classic City Bag $2,155.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Patent Classic Pouch Bag $715.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Cable Shopper Bag $3,150.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Cable Shopper Small Bag $2,675.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Croc Embossed Calf Hair Shoulder Bag $1,995.00 (USD)


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