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There are two new handbags to look for in the Fall Winter 2017 Collection. First is the H Box Shoulder Bag, second is the new Cinhetic Bag. Both bags are recently introduced and look very modern.

Today we will be reviewing the Hermes Cinhetic Clutch Bag, but keep in mind that there is also a shoulder box bag version available. Now let’s dive into the details.

The Design


The vision of the Cinhetic Bag is to look boxy and futuristic. That vision has been achieved if you take a closer look at the design. The font and the structure used to craft the new ‘H’ logo in the center looks more like a robotic-symbol, something that’s made in the future.

The Cinhetic Bag is designed in square shape and a flap. To get into the interior, you will need to turn the ‘H’ lock. This bag is made from Mysore goatskin, which is a soft but durable leather. It’s the perfect choice for this bag, because it makes you feel comfortable and light when carrying this clutch.

The overall look of the Cinhetic Bag is elegant, minimalistic and ladylike. It matches to almost all of the styles in your wardrobe.

The Interior


Turn the ‘H’ lock to get into the interior. Inside you will find one small compartment to store all your evening accessories. And there is also a patch pocket to store other important stuff like credit cards and paper money. The interior is not very spacious, so the amount of essentials it can carry is also limited.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 18.3 x 17 x 8.5 cm, priced at €3450 euro, £3170 GBP via Hermes boutiques

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Anja Rubik stars in Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Anja Rubik stars in Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign

Anja Rubik turns up the glam factor as the face of Apart'sChristmas 2017 campaign. The Polish model gets into a festive mood for the snow-filled images. Photographed by Marcin Tyszka, Anja glitters in sparkling gems for the brand's 40th anniversary. In addition to jewelry, the blonde also poses in party-ready looks including sequined dresses, velvet jackets and knit pieces.

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Anja Rubik dresses as a snow woman for Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Anja Rubik dresses as a snow woman for Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Anja Rubik glitters in silver gown for Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Anja Rubik glitters in silver gown for Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Dressed in velvet, Anja Rubik fronts Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign
Dressed in velvet, Anja Rubik fronts Apart's Christmas 2017 campaign

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Taylor Swift on Vogue UK January 2018 Cover
Taylor Swift on Vogue UK January 2018 Cover

Singer Taylor Swift lands the January 2018 cover of Vogue UK. Photographed by Mert & Marcus, the pop star wears a red leather minidress from Saint Laurent’s spring collection. Inside the magazine, Taylor shines in cutting-edge styles featuring the work of Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Jitrois and more. Editor-in-chief Edward Enninful styles the shoot with Paul Hanlon on hair and makeup by Isamaya Ffrench.

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Photographed in black and white, Taylor Swift wears embroidered sweater
Photographed in black and white, Taylor Swift wears embroidered sweater


Editor-in-chief Edward Enninful talks about shooting Taylor for the new issue.

“For me, the chance to help transform America’s most fascinating sweetheart was a joy. As we took the pop icon on an epic fashion journey with photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, what struck me most about Taylor was her brilliant sense of humor, but also how, for a woman in her twenties, she has an incredible sense of who she is.”

Singer Taylor Swift poses in crystal embellished Gucci dress
Singer Taylor Swift poses in crystal embellished Gucci dress
Dressed in red, Taylor Swift wears Alexander McQueen top and skirt with Jitrois leather gloves
Dressed in red, Taylor Swift wears Alexander McQueen top and skirt with Jitrois leather gloves

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Did you know that Burberry has their own version of the reversible tote? And last time we’ve reviewed about the Goyard Reversible Tote and the Gucci Reversible Tote. Both bags are stunning. The Reversible style is getting more popular these days.

Burberry has created the Reversible Bag in solid colors, but they also created some limited edition versions. One of them is the Doodle Reversible Bag, which is inspired by the unpredictability of the British weather. The print is sophisticated, but eye-catching!

The Design


Here’s the thing about the Doodle Reversible Bag. On the exterior, you will tote an artful British-inspired handbag. The print is so gorgeous and attention-grabbing that it will definitely catch a lot of eyes. And besides, the logo Burberry London England is crafted on the front.


Reversed The Bag To Get This Look

However, if your mood changes or you need to go to a formal gathering, then you can ‘reverse’ this bag inside out, to show off the large-scale check reverse. This check print is Burberry’s signature print!

The Doodle Reversible Bag is made from fabric. It comes with a leather top handle to carry cross body or just by hand.

The Interior


The interior is rather simple, there is one large space inside to store all your daily items and there is room for even more. This bag is perfect for work but also for shopping and diners. With this ‘doodle print’, you can be certain that it’s everything but boring.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 14’ x 15.5’ x 6.5’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $850 USD, €775 euro, $7500 HKD, $1425 AUD, ¥100900 JPY.

Where to shop Burberry Reversible Bag?

1. MyTheresa – the Burberry Doodle Reversible Bag is available via here.

2. Farfetch – There are more Burberry Reversible Bag styles.

3. Luisa Via Roma – Go here to get the classic version.

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Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

It’s all fun and games when you have to come up with a creative idea or two – try doing it on a regular basis, all day, every day. Come to think of it, any creative profession is an ordeal (writing included – students often choose to buy term paper online instead of writing it just because they lack inspiration) of chasing the muse and trying to make it stay for a longer time.

Fashion designers are hardly an exception. Their every day is devoted to being creative, finding new trends, and implementing the craziest ideas into life.

Where do they get their inspiration? Well, there are a few sources, including pretty uncommon ones.


Fashion is often born out of bold improvisation or even the lack of means. It’s hard to say who it was first – the designer or the customer – who decided to combine things that had been never combined before. Jeans and lace, fur and crazy colors, heavy boots and summer dresses – all of those combinations appeared with time and through experiment.

Look at the modern fascination with rags and torn up clothes. Where do you think it came from? I bet, one of the fashion designers had a walk along a busy New York street and probably decided to use it in the next collection just because she lacked ideas and was desperate. The result, however, exceeded all possible expectations.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


There are places where traditional clothes are still in heavy use, like India. In such countries, using them in fashion collections is an obvious choice. In other countries, however, people have long since stopped wearing traditional items of clothes. In this case, finding something inspirational in traditional garments is not an obvious path to take.  Besides, in more modern countries incorporating traditional elements into modern collections takes more effort and creativity.


It’s probably difficult to imagine someone coming up with a dress design by just looking at a sunset or a tree line, but nature is a great source of inspiration nonetheless. Particularly, it gives a wide choice of colors in combinations you could have never imagined. Fashion designers would be crazy not to use it – and so they are using it heavily.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay


Have you ever wondered why Japanese motifs are so popular in fashion collections? That’s because designers get inspired by the Japanese culture in general. It is rather interesting, you can’t argue that. The fashions, the patterns, the colors, the hair styles are so different from what we have here in the western world that the temptation is too great to walk by. The whole atmosphere is mesmerizing for a western person.


I might be going to crazy places right now, but some architectural sights are so elegant that they could easily inspire a few items of clothes or at least a combination of colors. No, it’s not about haute couture collections that are designed for advertising purposes only. Architecture is a noble art and it sometimes offers elegant lines and airy silhouettes that are cut for catwalks.

The point is, sources of inspiration are usually all around you, and fashion designers know it well. Next time you see an impressive collection, try guessing what inspired the designer. I bet it will be something from the list above.

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SHACI Faux Fur Coat $87.50 (previously $125)
Cover up in style wearing a faux fur coat with a snap-button front closure.

The holiday weekend will end before you know it, and if you’re still looking for deals, discover Forever 21’s sales. The fashion chain’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are seriously major. For Black Friday, look for items that go up to 80% off. From today to November 26th at 11:59 PST, get an extra 30% off sale items. Use the code EXTRA30 to take the additional discount. And for Cyber Monday (November 27th), use the code CYBER21 to get an extra 21% off. See our picks below, and shop more at Forever

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Forever 21 Strappy Back Bodycon Dress $20.93 (previously $29.90)
Forever 21 Strappy Back Bodycon Dress $20.93 (previously $29.90)
This knit bodycon dress includes a strappy design at the back with a scoop neckline.
Forever 21 Open-Shoulder Ruffle Dress $12.53 (previously $17.90)
Forever 21 Open-Shoulder Ruffle Dress $12.53 (previously $17.90)
Flaunt some shoulder in a long-sleeve dress with ruffles at the neckline and sleeves.
Forever 21 Studded Floral Moto Jacket $28.95 (previously $57.90)
Forever 21 Studded Floral Moto Jacket $28.95 (previously $57.90)
Channel edgy vibes in a faux leather moto jacket featuring studs and floral print details.
Forever 21 Striped Sheer Tunic $12.53 (previously $17.90)
Forever 21 Striped Sheer Tunic $12.53 (previously $17.90)
This sheer tunic comes in a striped pattern with a buttoned front and split hem.

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