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The Sexiest Tattoos: The Owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai Shares Her Best TipsTattoos are one of the oldest forms of art that humanity has experienced in its evolution. Permanent designs were embedded in old tribe’s skin for more than 5,000 years, and they were discovered on archaeological samples from all around the world. They were status symbols, they were mystical symbols, and they fascinate the world even today.

While in the past tattoos were associated with the lower social categories, in today’s world, these have been openly embraced by people from different backgrounds, of different ages. Today, these are the perfect means of expressing our style, personality, share memories and express our values, but also to beautify our bodies. They can make us sexy; they can make us feel empowered and unique. The owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai, Ahm, shares her best tips to find the sexiest tattoo design and placement.


Based on her client’s preferences, the owner at the previously mentioned tattoo salon has spotted a few interesting trends. Tattoo design varies in certain cases, depending on the gender of the client, but the preferences sometimes overlap in most of the cases. For instance, quotes and lyrics are equally appreciated by both males and females.

Dragon tattoo design and koi fish designs, just as well. On the other hand, small, minimalistic designs hidden behind the ear or tattooed between the fingers are largely preferred by women. Men, however, tend to prefer bigger pieces, such as full or half-sleeves, chest pieces and back pieces. Forearm tattoos are also preferred by males and females, equally. Matching tattoo designs seem to be preferred by couples.

The Sexiest Tattoos: The Owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai Shares Her Best Tips


Certain men look incredibly sexy with a tattoo, regardless of the design. However, certain styles look hotter than others do and are appreciated by both males and females. Forearm geometric tattoos have a je ne sais quois. Tribal tattoo designs or triangle tattoo designs have increased in popularity amongst men, due to their simplicity, but high visual impact. Colour-block triangle tattoos or even simple triangle outlines are especially popular and seem to be highly appreciated when tattooed on men, by all genders.

Nature or wildlife-inspired tattoos are also highly popular and look incredibly sexy on men, Ahm claims. More and more of her clients seem to have this demand when she designs the incredible pieces. Varying in size and placement, camping enthusiasts demand dotted treelines or detailed pieces, deer heads or incredibly-detailed bear tattoos.

The Sexiest Tattoos: The Owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai Shares Her Best Tips

Skull tattoos are also at the top of her male client’s preferences as a growing number of celebrities show off their detailed, dark, yet appealing pieces. A relevant example is the rapper G-Eazy, who prides himself on a similar piece on the forearm. Traditionally preferred by women, dreamcatcher tattoo designs grow in demand for males as well.

Marcus Epps, a Philadelphia Union player, prides himself on a similar number on his upper arm. Playful tattoos may not seem the go-to design of many men out there, but Ed Sheeran certainly knows how not to take life too seriously. While the vast majority of his tattoos resemble colorful child doodles, on the set of his “Galway Girl” video, Saoirse Ronan “helped” him get a playful design. But instead of “Galway Girl,” the tattoo reads “Galway Grill.” And nothing is sexier than a man with a solid sense of humor.


The Sexiest Tattoos: The Owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai Shares Her Best Tips

Females tend to be more playful in their tattoo design choices, and this is more visible when they visit the parlor to get themselves some kittens, cartoon characters and delicate nature elements tattooed on their bodies. However, women are more inclined to get tattoos of significant dates and numbers, as reminders. And women, especially, find their inspiration on other women celebrities’ designs. Angelina Jolie is a tattoo goddess, having an obvious preference for pieces varying in size and design.

From tattoos in different languages to quotes and delicate designs, Angie has them all. Her left shoulder blade shows a Buddhist Pali incantation, tattooed nearby Bangkok. Of course, her already-notorious geographical coordinates reminded women that sexy tattoos can also be meaningful. Dragon tattoos are still sexy and popular amongst those girls that want to turn themselves into the “Girl with the dragon tattoo.”

Rose tattoos are certainly sexy on women varying is size and body type, Ahm claims. Cheryl Cole rocks an immense rose tattoo on her bottom and thighs which leads plenty to the imagination.


When planning to get a tattoo, especially if you’re a “virgin,” you have to think beyond the design itself. Placement matters more than many people think. And places where a tattoo might look incredible on a man, might not do the biggest service in women’s case. Nonetheless, certain designs look equally best in similar places for men and women.

The Sexiest Tattoos: The Owner of Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai Shares Her Best Tips

Mandala tattoos are highly appreciated by women, and a popular and incredibly sexy placement for those is the upper thigh. Spine tattoos are also considered to be hot, in women’s case, regardless of the added pain that will be present during the process. The rib cage is another sexy place where women seem to prefer their tattoos and this, for an obvious reason. It beautifully outlines the natural shape of the female body.

Small tattoos behind the ear and innocent and hot, while finger and foot tattoos also grow in popularity amongst those women who want to keep their pieces private. Below-the-breasts tattoos are also a perfect choice for those women who are not afraid to make a statement and pride themselves on their natural beauty.

Men, on the other hand, seem to increase their sex-appeal with sleeve pieces, calf tattoos, back pieces and chest pieces.

While tattoo design and placement may vary, depending on each of us’ preferences, it’s always advisable to visit an experienced tattoo artist, see their portfolio, and carefully inspect all their accreditations and certificates. For your good, you have to go with the parlor that works clean, hygienic, and has highly-trained, schooled and experienced artists. Otherwise, you may end up with one of those “fail” tattoos.

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